Cobideza Sociedad Cooperativa was established as such in 1994, although it has been operating as an Association of Cattle Ranchers since the late 1980s. In 1999, together with other cooperatives in the region, it founded Xuncoga SCG, a cooperative of the second degree aimed at the manufacture and commercialization of feed.

Currently, Cobideza S.C. It is made up of more than 300 members and has 230 milk farms of 300 total.

The scope of action of the cooperative covers most of the municipalities of the regions of Ulloa, Deza, Tabeirós and Terras de Montes.

From Cobideza S.C.G. we try to take advantage of our partners’ potential, informing and training them to improve their professionalism and competitiveness as milk producers, supporting them with a range of programs and services that aim to increase their leveland quality of life. These services are:

· Agro-livestock stores.
· Fuel supply units.
· Machinery services.
· Veterinary services.
· Pharmaceutical service.
· Agronomic advisory service.
· Food service.
· Replacement service
· Formation programs.
· Processing service of agricultural and livestock insurance.

Cobideza S.C., as the first authorized buyer, commercializes the milk of all the members of the cooperative together in order to obtain the best conditions, both for their farmers and for the cooperative.

Currently the cooperative has signed an annual contract with the Asturian multinational ILAS, known commercially as Reny Picot, for the commercialization of 35 million liters. In addition, Cobideza S.C. participates, together with the main Galician dairy cooperatives, in Acolat (Clesa).

In April 2015, coinciding with the end of the milk quota, with an increase in production and with the serious crisis that the dairy sector is going through, Cobideza S.C. starts a small cheese factory.

This project is an old illusion of the directors and partners of the cooperative, which begins with the objectives of putting a product directly on the market from the manufacturer, differentiated by its quality, and involving the Cobideza partners in the industrial transformation of their own milk.

This milk is carefully selected by the Milk Quality Service techniques of the cooperative of all farms with the existing grazing system in Cobideza S.C.

The production of the cheese factory, in which four people work, is mainly focused on the suburban markets, mainly in Galicia, although it is already being marketed abroad.