R. Ramos | Lalín / La Voz | 18 de mayo de 2014 06:01

The visit takes place one year after the signing of the first contract of the cooperative from Lalín with the Asturian firm after Cobideza stopped selling Lactalis milk to Reny Picot. Rodríguez traveled to Lalín accompanied by the head of purchases and commercial sales. At 11:30 they were received by the board of directors of the cooperative chaired by Román Santalla and paid a visit to the farm, located in Palio. Then the delegation moved to Cercio.

In the meeting room of the cooperative, a talk was held that was attended by about eighty members. Francisco Rodríguez declared himself “defender of milk quotas” and questioned, as Román Santalla pointed out yesterday, that the problems of the sector will be solved with their elimination. Francisco Rodríguez defined himself, according to Santalla, “as a convinced liberal” pointing out that “nalgúns cases or market does not fix everything” and that the state was necessary to resolve certain situations such as the problem of the dairy sector.

He pointed out the insignificant margins of profit with which the Spanish dairies operated in recent years, due, among other things, to the success of white brands and encouraged the partners of Cobideza to trust their company.