Cobideza wins in Arzúa-Ulloa, with distinctions to The Labrador Estradense and Lácteos Farelo – El Cortizo and El Saldoiro copan the golds in beekeeping

The best honeys from Galicia bear the seal of Lalín. Thus, at least, it is clear from the result of the XVII Tasting of the Honey, which gave its maximum distinctions to two products from La Llina, El Cortizo and El Saldoiro. They were not the only dezaos winners, as a cheese from the Cobideza cooperative, Doña Cobiña, also won the Arzúa-Ulloa category, in which there were also distinctions for two other brands produced in the area, El Labrador Estradense and Lácteos Farelo. Cooperativa Hoy and Lácteos Anzuxao were the other two representatives of the districts, while among the beekeepers was María Munín Taboada.

With a “great satisfaction” and the commitment to “keep doing things right” yesterday Román Santalla Agra received the gold medal of the XXI Cheese Tasting of Galicia for the product of the livestock cooperative that he presides over. “We are aware that taking the step to transformation and commercialization is very important, but we are also aware of their difficulties,” said the representative of Cobideza SCG, with headquarters in Cercio (Lalín) and queixería in Agolada. The silver in this category Arzúa-Ulloa was for Food Ruta Xacobea SL, from O Pino, and the bronze for Bama, from Queizuar SL, in Touro. There were three more distinctions: Labrador Estradense, of Queserías Daniel Torres SL, of A Estrada, was fourth; fifth was Queinaga SAT, from Curtis; and sixth, Lácteos Farelo, from Agolada. In the variety of curing there was only one prize, for Artelac, by Antonio Ferreiro Ferreiro, from Antas de Ulla.

Don Crisanto, from the homonymous SAT of Vilalba, won Queinaga and Daniberto SAT in Quesoga Cheese, with distinctions also for Alimentos Ruta Xacobea, Artelac and Campo Capilla, from the cooperative of the same name in the municipality of A Capela. Don Crisanto was also gold in the PDO San Simón de la Costa, with Fuentecillas, Javier Piñeiro López (Vilalba) in second place and Daniberto, third. Gran Despensa, from the Royal Abbey of Samos SL won in the Cebreiro and Santo André mode, by Carlos Reija Fernández, in Castroverde, in the curated one.

El Cortizo, by Avelina Calvo Mundín, from Zobra (Lalín), was imposed on multifloral honeys; silver was for Barbanzamel, Abejeros Fidosa SL, in Porto do Son, and bronze for Lo Garabulleiro, by Carlos González Iglesias (Ourense). There were distinctions for Abelas del Blas, by Blas González Claudio, in Vilar de Barrio; Honeys JS, of Soto Vivo CB, in Vigo; and Enxebre, by González Carballal SL (Ourense). In the variety of monoflorais the gold was also taken by Antonio Gómez Tapia from Albarellos, with Lo Saldoiro, ahead of Miel Vega Florida, Maribel García Puerto, Rúa, and Enxebre.