El Faro de Vigo |18.07.2014 01:45

Cercio, Román Santalla, as well as the director of the Business Area of ​​CaixaBank, Antonio Lema, were in charge of signing the agreement. Lema said that his bank’s intention is to “work together with the farmers and livestock farmers of the community to contribute to the growth of a sector vital to the Galician economy.” This bank already has a long experience in working with companies and freelancers in the agricultural field.

Office in Silleda

This agreement is one more step in the line that Cobideza follows in terms of positioning itself as a leading cooperative in the region of dezana. Its 200 members have just endorsed the renewal of the dairy contract with Reny Picot, which will be for a year and which will also allow it to increase its 26 million liters of milk per year by 10% or, what is the same, a business volume of 12 million euros. Although a large part of its members belong to Lalín, it has a large social group in Silleda and Forcarei, which is why in recent months Cobideza has been working hard to open its new office in Trasdeza as soon as possible, precisely on the road that leads to Forcarei. In the same will provide advisory services to its members in this area of ​​the region, at the same time it aims to counteract the landing of ICOS, the chantadina that absorbed Indega, Val do Candán and Cooperativa do Campo.